Review Lake District - Fatmap

Gear: Iphone 6s ios 9.3.5


The hike I planned is a new trail and has not been logged in the app before.

What I realy like during the preparation of the 2 day hike, is the amazing detail and quality of the map. As a result, I could easily find another parking lot closer to the start of my trail than the one I originally found on the map carpark symbol.

But there are some other features I missed while preparing the hike. Like I know the scale of the map, but it would be really nice if I could put down markers and see the distance between the 2 markers. For instance, a measuring tool where you can put down waypoints and measure the total distance.

Another feature I missed during my preparation and the hike was some more information about the environment (e.g., what river am I crossing, what small lake am I camping at, what valley am I walking in..), if it has a name of course. It does not have to be too detailed, but a good balance between clear and chaotic would be nice.

During the hike

The weather was clouded and it had been raining the day before which caused the ground to be saturated. As a result, the walking speed I had in mind could not be reached, and slowed me down quite a bit. I could see my speed during the live recording which I absolutetly loved. The detail of the GPS-tracker is amazingly accurate! Also the elevation was realy accurate. I compared it with my Suunto Vector HR watch, and it was spot on.

During the hike, I was sometimes confused because of the difference between the white line that was already on the map and the path that was actually there. I kept on trying to follow the line that was on the map, but I soon found out it was not always the right path. For instance, the white line was sometimes following a fence line as shown in the following picture.

During the second day decent back down, the live tracker missed a few minutes and it did not track my steps accordingly.

Then when it started recording again, it followed me correctly again.

When I almost reached the first town, I passed an offical camp site, which got me thinking that it would be really nice if you can make like a tent symbol and mark the camp sites on the map.

Because it was already late, due to the slow walking rate (caused by the saturated ground) I could not reach the parking lot in time where I parked my rental car. So luckily there was a bus stop close by and there were busses on a sunday! So it might be interesting to mark public transport locations on the map with a symbol too? The time tables can be linked by pressing on the symbol, or, like in this case, they were available on the busstop location.

The resemblance between the map and real life is really extraordinary

After the hike

After the hike I could easily access the recorded file and review my hiking steps on the map in the 'fly over view'. It would be nice if I could sent the file to my PC and view it on there, or even save it.


Fatmap summer maps is the future, no doubt about it! There were, for me, some small issues with the identification of the plotted trail and the actual trail. Adding the measuring tool and extra symbols on the map would make it complete for me!

Thank you Fatmap for this awesome product! Can't wait to use the winter maps in Canada soon!

Bart Waegeman

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