Snow Shepherds NEW high quality and durable leather mittens.


Snowshepherd is a respected off piste ski equipment specialist.
They are a specialist off piste equipment supplier, they use all the equipment they sell to ensure a very high level of customer service, they also run off piste instruction courses in Chamonix,France. These new mittens are based around the Kinco 901 mittens from the USA, however Snow Shepard have improved on them, by adding a waterproof and breathable Hipora® membrane, 100% leather and a extra long cuff.

I got the privilege to receive a pair of these brand new manufactured mittens!

Before use

Snow Shepherd clearly suggest to impregnate the mittens with Nikwax leather wax before use. This product is included with the purchase of the mittens.

Shake well before use, and rube it on the mittens.

Overal look and quality

The leather is pretty thick and feels real nice.The mittens have a pretty large strong elastic cuff that fits nicely around you wrist. The overal stitching is almost flawless. The pair I got have on each mitten a small stitching flaw. But that is no issue! Because Snow Shepherd will send you new mittens in that case! Talk about customer service hey!

The inside liner is from Tinsulate 3M. The liner has the shape of a 5 finger glove, which has a nice soft feeling in the mitten.There is enough room in the mitten to ware a additional separate liner. The Hipora® waterproof and breathable membrane thus what it suppose to do, keep water out and breaths the hot air in and out so it can be transported and dos not stay in the glove to create sweaty hands.

Field test conditions

During the past week I have been using the mittens every day here in Canada @ the Sun Peaks Ski Resort. The weather ranged from clouded to fog and to clear blue cold sky and a strong wind. Temperatures during these days varied from -4 to -7 degrees Celsius. With a strong wind on the summit (2080m) between 15 mph and 20 mph the chill factor dropped the temperature to a temperature between -10 to -15 degrees Celsius. No new snow fell during the test week.

Field test

The mittens performed very well during the past week. There was not one moment I had to think about cold hands,changing gloves or putting on extra liners. In fact it was hot in the gloves, which made my hands sweat a little bit. This sweat felt a little clammy and cool when not skiing,like going up again in the chairlift. But then the Hipora® membrane took care of that and shortly after, no more clammy hands. In my opinion every gloves has that a bit.
The gloves did not get wet from the snow as I stood on my skies the whole time and did not fall ;-).


Great glove! You will not have cold hands in these babies. They look and feel very nice. XL size mittens fits a EU size 10 hand. As I understand the sizing was on the short side.

Its not a gore-tex glove, which is something to keep in mind. I personally kind off miss the more modern longer cuffs with the elastic leach so you don't have a chance to lose your gloves when you take them of.

But if you are looking for a old style all leather super warm waterproof breathable mitten, then this is your best pick! Nice work Snow Shepherd!


Bart Waegeman

About Bart Waegeman

Born in 1985, raised in Belgium and alps. Started skiing when I was 3 years old. The last 2 years I started exploring outside EU. I love the mountains and nature. I studied jet aircraft engineering.